Sol has proudly performed for:

Oxfordshire Police Station Kidlington, UNICEF, Red Cross, Save the Children, Helen & Douglas House, Bernardo's, Oxenses, Open University; OxExServices; Contraband; North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, Chelsea Building Society, Schools, Hospitals...


"Thank you so much for all that you did on Saturday. It was just amazing and the parents were just as enthralled as the children. I have had so many positive comments and questions such as "where did you find him, he's wonderful!" People are also curious to know where you are from? I think half the parents were in love with your accent as well as your magic!
Jack just had the best party he has ever had and I'm very grateful that you were able to entertain such a huge number. Both Peter and I were a little shocked at the number of children who said yes to the invitation but with your help the whole thing was a huge success!"
Camilla Hodgkinson

"I really wanted to send you our thanks for a fantastic show at our wedding reception. We had the most amazing day, I have many very funny memories of your tricks and gags and of seeing children with huge wonder and amusement on their faces. Every parent I have spoken to since the day has made a particular mention of how much both they and their children enjoyed your show. So many of the children were completely mesmerized. That you captured the imagination of children across a wide age group is a wonder in itself!"
Jackie Woollhead

"Sol, I must say that I had a very little faith in children's entertainers when my wife asked me to look for one. Seeing your promotional video ignited a little spark and when you came in your wonderful wizard's costume (your pirate one looks fantastic too!) a true hope was born. But it was when the show began that I knew we were going to have a wonderful party. You had the children in the palm of your hand, and made it look so effortless. The children are still recovering from the laughter and screaming. The parents didn't know what hit them either! Sol, thank you for giving Maia such an unforgettable birthday present and giving us parents such a relief and a great time! See you again next year, hopefully in your pirate costume... "
Graham Bullock

"Just wanted to say a huge 'thank you' for an excellent party this last Saturday. You certainly had your work cut out for you with such a large number of children (47 at last count) to entertain, especially with younger siblings kicking off and going walk-about ~ you did a sterling job! Robin & Charlotte haven't stopped talking about 'the magic that THEY did' and are delighted with their certificates! I will happily recommend you to my friends & colleagues."
Sharon Collins, Teacher, Buckland

"Dear Sol, thank you so much for making Isabel's party such a fun and entertaining experience for all the children (and adults!). Last year my little boy, Oliver, was terrified of magicians and party entertainers, he would cower in my arms wanting to go home. When he first saw you perform he was captivated! You took away a fear and he has mimicked some of your funny phrases ever since. So a big thanks once again!"
Becky Patton

"Your special style of entertaining was just fit to Neil’s and our taste, neither silly nor noisy. Neil has seen many entertainers but you’re his favourite. Last few days lots of mums told me how their children enjoyed the party. Once again, thank you for your valuable and wonderful entertaining."
Charlotte Chang

"I received a recommendation from a friend who saw you at a party produce fire out of a book about dragons which the children are still talking about! She said you were the best children's entertainer she had seen, so that's the kind of boy wonder magic we were after!"
Nicol Clayton

"Thank you so much for the fantastic entertainment on Saturday. I had quite a few parent's tell me in the playground this morning that the children had spoken non-stop about Eden and Abigail's party."
Amanda von Benecke

"Milli's normal response to the question 'What was the best thing about the day?' is 'All of it!', but on Saturday it was 'The magician!' Thank you!"
Alison Simcock

"Sol is a born storyteller and weaves the magic of narrative with the skill and mastery of a trickster magician, always appealing to the child deep within us all, that child that truly sees the world as a magical mystery tour."
Peter Mitchell

"Sol's able to adapt to different situations, provide entertainment for wide ranging groups, has innovative magic tricks woven into stories that keep the audience engaged and mesmerised, a strong presence, a magical unpredictability, professional standards and a warm, charming approach.
I'd strongly recommend him."
Stephen Ferrel

"Thanks for celebrating our wedding with us and for your unique and truly wonderful contribution. You charmed and amazed us all kids and adults too! Wauter (aged 10) has fallen under your spell and has been practicing magic tricks ever since he met you!"
Mr & Mrs Peters, Greenwich

"Thank you so much for making Grace and Freddie's party so special. All the children - and adults -loved your show, and I think you'll be getting some phone calls during the coming months from parents of Grace's friends - they all want the same party as Grace! It was a real delight to see the children so involved and enthralled."

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for a great party the children and parents obviously enjoyed it. Rebecca has gone to bed this evening giggling about how she made water pour on your head. You have been a huge hit!"
Lesley Parkin

"Sol Ray's unique style of mime and magic is a real tonic for the children in our hospital."
Jill Hazell, Bristol Children's Hospital Play Specialist

"Sol's show was considered by the staff here to be one of the most successful entertainments the children had ever experienced, keeping them enthralled beginning to end."
Rose Bleach, teacher, Ormerod School for physically disabled children

"I just wanted to say what a wonderful, magical party you created for my daughter - the children were quite literally spell-bound and I could overhear the adults admiring the way you kept the children so enthralled throughout. I had a look at the video I made last night and my daughter and her friends are just a sea of happy faces... thank you!"
Anja Bolz

"Hi Sol Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your hard work at Rory and Ryan's party today-your show was amazing and had all the kids captivated- after the chaos at the start it was great to see them instantly calm down and lose themselves in your show. i am sorry it was so disjointed because of all the late arrivals-it is such a shame because i would have liked to see more of your show!! will definitely recommend you to our friends and if we do a party for our younger son toby next year you will be top of out list!!"
Gail Milligan