Some of the comments of Sol's Charity and other work

"Many thanks for your recent puppet workshops. The children loved watching and performing. There were significant gains in confidence and personal development for particular individuals. At the end of each of the three weeks the children's shows were remarkably professional in their presentation."
John Hawkins, Berinsfield School, Oxford

"You helped us forget the past and we started a new smile, a new life... We started to feel happy about life and forgot our problems of the war... You helped us with heart and spirit to make us infinitely happy... this letter I can't finish because of my joy to our educators... We cannot be separate."
Pramvera Fetahu, aged 12, Nepresteno Camp

"I think continuity is hugely important in this kind of work... my donation comes with great love and support for your wonderful work and your continuing efforts in the Balkans, now more necessary than ever..."
Emma Thompson, Oscar Winning Actress, October 2001

"I am always pleasantly impressed when coming across organizations which are dedicated to the same ideals as the Red Cross: care for the most vulnerable..."
Daniel Prewitt, Director of Red Cross Delegation, Sarajevo 1998

"I would like to mention how much a creative project of this type means to our children, educationally, socially and for their own self-esteem... In my opinion your performance and other accompanying cultural events have created a breakthrough in cultural activities for our children who showed their talents, their new skills and who bore their hearts to their community. "
Visko Haladic, Mayor of Stari Grad, Croatia, 2001

"They keep the workshops in an interactive and caring atmosphere. To engage the children in play and acting activities like this is one essential part of helping the children cope with the adverse circumstances they are presently living in, as well as overcoming the adverse effects of trauma."
Mai Bente Snipstad, Psychiatrist, UNICEF, Skopje 1999

"I was thrilled to read and hear of your work carried out so far in the Macedonian camps and to see some of the wonderful press coverage... Congratulations to you and your team on what you have achieved so far and thank you for your evaluation report which is highly professional and impressive in itself..."
Robert D Smith, Executive Director, UNICEF, London

"The children need fun, workshops and understanding, all the things you do with them. It helps them enormously not to feel lost and empty. They are severely damaged by the war and they like to have someone caring for them, someone pointing in new direction in life - to forget terrible things and start with things that are beautiful and joyful."
Gordana Boskovic, The Headmistress,‘13 Rujan’ Primary, Jajce, Bosnia

"You are bringing color back into the children's lives and just the fact that somebody cares means so much to them. Before you arrive they wait impatiently, while you're here they are excited all the time, and when you go they don't stop talking about you."
Pavao Handebaka, Head of Dubrovnik Regional Office for Refugees

"The children who worked with you regarded their week as most 'special'...excilirating times and terrific educational benefit to all the pupils..."
Jon Bliss, Headmaster, Kirtlington Primary

"They came, they saw and they conquered the hearts of the children and adults that saw their show... The response to their work in the refugee camps in Macedonia has been nothing less than extraordinary... A cynic might wonder what real long-term value there is in attending a puppet show or a workshop. As someone who has witnessed firsthand the healing effects of a performance, I can attest to the transformation that occurs in these young people when they come into contact with the actors."
Andrew Caddell, UNICEF information officer, Skopje, Macedonia 1999

"These people need hope above all. Theatre provides hope in the sense that when the parents see their children laughing, they realize that they still have life in them, that they can still dream. And that provides genuine hopes for a new beginning."
Linn Williamson, psychologist with the UNICEF team

"It's wonderful to play with you. I feel like I am in a big dream. We will always remember you..."
Anita Ninic, 10 years old refugee, Croatia

Theo and Sol performing in Sri Lanka Tsunami Refugee Camp, 2006

Sol in Romania, 2004

Theo and Sol in Sri Lanka
orphanage, 2006

Linus Roach, Jerome FLyn and Sol, Kosovo refugee cam, 1999

Audience Chegrane Tent

Pristina, 1999

Mo and Sol in Croatia, 1999